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The First-ever Nigerian Audio Interface, Sokay CS-22

The First-ever Nigerian Audio Interface, Sokay CS-22

Producers and Creatives can now experience music production, livestreaming, and so much more, on a whole different level, with the first-ever Nigerian innovation of Audio Interface to hit the market, the Sokay CS-22 by Sokay Technologies.

The CS-22 records vocals, guitar, synths, and more simultaneously. It is packed with Two Midas mic preamps, high headroom, low noise, and low distortion. Analog Hi-z, lowcut, impedance switching, and relay control for precise vocal and acoustic capture.

Speaking on the device by fast-rising singer “Mayolee,” “As a music producer, I had an engagement with Sokay Tech to have a feel of this indigenous technology.”

The First-ever Nigerian Audio Interface, Sokay CS-22

“The first thing I spot is the warmth and the harmonics it generates. Most audio interfaces will distort when the gain is maxed out, but this work of art gives harmonic saturation in return instead of clipping, giving it a warm and thicker sound.

This is something you only find in expensive pieces of analog gadgets, but here you have it in something so small and budget-friendly.” – he continues

“It is the smartest gear any content creator and creatives generally can own today. I used the Sokay CS-22 as a DI box as well. I used it on my bass in my recent workshop and it was round. I didn’t need to connect it to a computer as I would other sound cards, it simply is indeed a plug-and-play.” – Mayo concludes.

The First-ever Nigerian Audio Interface, Sokay CS-22

Sokay CS-22 from Sokay Technologies is a high-performance stage and studio centerpiece compatible with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. The device is designed to inspire producers, engineers, artists, instrumentalists, podcasters, and live-streaming programmers to create their best work.

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