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Music: Give My Life – Ayobola Elegbede

Music: Give My Life – Ayobola Elegbede

Ironically, we can’t give anything to God because everything, including ourselves and all that we have, belongs to Him already! So, what pleasant gift can we give to God, the One who owns everything and gave it all up for us? 

‘GIVE MY LIFE’ answers that question by inviting us to give God our life, heart, soul, and everything for this reason: While God is the creator of absolutely everything, including the very breath within us, He does not have true possession of us unless we freely surrender ourselves to Him as a gift to of honor Him. And what better time to honor God with the gift of our life, other than at Christmas? The season when we are most selfless and generous; displaying loving acts of kindness, and giving gifts, one to another; to friends, family, loved ones, and even to strangers. Nonetheless, despite our thoughtfulness, we often forget one thing; giving something to the One whose birth we commemorate at Christmas. Jesus Christ, our Lord and God.

A late popular artist sang: “Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away” What a sad thing to experience at any time of the year and certainly not at Christmas! Here’s the good news! We all can entrust our hearts, our souls, our entire lives, and everything we are and own to God not just at Christmas, but at any other time of the year without experiencing heartbreak or disappointment!

‘GIVE MY LIFE’ is now available on all streaming outlets. ‘GIVE MY LIFE’ is the third single to be released in Ayobola’s 2024 upcoming EP.

May your heart be rested and secured this Christmas. May the Spirit of Christ bring you and your loved ones joy, peace, and hope as you give your life, heart, soul, and everything to God this Christmas and beyond in Jesus’ name.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

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