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Let Go & Let God – Iva PaceLet

Let Go & Let God by Iva Pace is a latest offering to the world of gospel music. The single encapsulates a message of surrender, urging listeners to release their burdens and trust in a higher power. Iva’s emotive vocals paired with poignant lyrics create a compelling musical experience that resonates with the universal theme of faith.

Iva Foster Pace is a globally recognized Gospel and Alternative Christian recording artist, singer-songwriter, vocal coach, faith igniter, and motivational speaker.  She is best selling author of  the book, “Confessions of a Sanctified Lady.”

She transparently, unapologetically, and candidly shares her own personal story and healing journey, bringing hope to Christian women worldwide. Devoted to enriching her community, she teaches vocal lessons to both youth and adults and is the visionary behind the Y.O.Y.O. Faith Empowerment Group. With passion, she shares her empowering “YOYO Faith” story to inspire and kindle bold faith in others.

Originally from Palestine, Texas, she now resides in Clarksville, Tennessee, dedicated to her mission of empowerment through music, coaching, and motivational speaking.  Known for her uplifting messages, she leads the YOYO Faith movement, urging others to conquer obstacles and unveil their strengths.

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