[Song] Desperate for A Change – T1 Sound

Desperate For A Change By T1 Sound

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TRINITYONESOUND formerly known as TRINTY was formed on June 5, 1997, in Early Branch, South Carolina.  No knowledge of what GOD was creating, each member from different religious backgrounds and walks of life, loved singing in local choirs. 

Having no idea that GOD had an assignment for them that would stand the test of time, the ambassadors obeyed the voice of GOD and accepted the will of GOD.  Many years of concerts, prison ministry assignments and whatever GOD instructed them to do, they did.  God saw fit after the relocation and ministry assignments for many of his children to bring them back again to complete their very first single “HIDE ME” in 2020. 

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During this time, the land was tested with COVID-19 which impacted any and everyone on the earth.  GOD gave the group the song that ministered to the nation on a “RIGHT NOW” revelation.  With the demand and the notoriety of the single, a music video was produced, and boys, girl, men, and women sought to hear and see this song that gave hope to the hopeless.

HIDE ME video within its first 48 hours of release, received 4K viewers, even in a pandemic.  WON’T HE, DO IT?  YES, HE WILL!!  Presently September 2021, the group has released another world shaking single, “FIYAH” that is for any and everyone. 

GOD has allowed T1 Sound as they are mentioned to submit to what GOD is doing in their lives.  TRINITYONESOUND consists of Felicia B. Riley, Edithe B. Sligh, Robert P. Patterson, and Roosevelt Boles.  June 10, 2022, T1SOUND was blessed to release their first album entitled, “FIYAH”. 

Not having a clue that this album would be received so mightily, they sold out and were forced to submit for even more product.  Getting the attention of so many radio promoters, stations and family and fans, T1 is so overwhelmed that they are just in AWE of what GOD promised them in 1997.  FIYAH is heading to radio service July 1, 2022, and has been selected to receive other servicing from other promoters.   Keep your eyes open, and your ears peeled as these AMBASSADORS continue to allow GOD to complete the ASSIGNMENT in which he has called these submissive vessels to.   

[Song] Desperate for A Change – T1 Sound

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