NEWS: Respect pioneers of gospel music – Pastor Edwin Dadson


Respect pioneers of gospel music – Pastor Edwin Dadson

Gospel musician, Pastor Edwin Dadson has called for the acknowledgement of the pioneers of Ghanaian gospel music.

In a conversation on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the ‘Onwanwanni hitmaker’ disagreed with the idea of pitching pioneers of gospel music against contemporary gospel musicians.

Pastor Edwin Dadson, who admitted to change being a constant, as well as the essence of upgrading, elaborated on his advocacy saying, “you cannot just drive looking at just the big screen, you have to respect the rear view mirror, and the side view”.

He likened the rearview mirror to pioneers in the Ghanaian gospel fraternity whose relevance stayed atop in years past.

Mr. Dadson believes the efforts of many men and women of old, including Helena Rhabbles, Josh Laryea and Getty & Friends, have shaped the careers and popularity of contemporary gospel musicians.

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He encouraged his peers to regard the progress of their craft as “a baton that has been passed on” to them, and that “the picture is bigger than what [we] see, bigger than [our] generation”.

He related a projection of the evolving scene of gospel music in years to come, possibly a distinct kind of sound from today’s reigning style. Such occurrence wouldn’t necessarily render the current hard work of artistes void, thus the call for respect and acknowledgement of the pioneers of gospel music in Ghana.

Pastor Edwin Dadson has, under divine inspiration churned out a brilliant new work of art – an album titled Covenant Keeper. He premiered songs off the album exclusively on Hitz 103.9 FM on Friday, November 12.

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