MURIC has condemned CAN over alleged misrepresentation of Nigeria to the “outside world” – The Muslims body made the statement in a reaction to Donald Trump’s question to President Muhammadu Buhari on killings in Nigeria – Trump, during Buhari’s visit to the US in 2018, had asked the Nigerian leader why his government was “killing Christians?”

The Muslims’ Rights Concern (MURIC) has berated the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) following Donald Trump’s question to President Muhammadu Buhari on the spate of killings in Nigeria. MURIC in a statement released by its director Professor Ishaq Akintola on Thursday, September 10, posited that CAN is misrepresenting Nigeria to the western world – the reason Trump asked Buhari why Christians are being killed under his watch.

MURIC has berated CAN over alleged misrepresentation of Nigeria to the “outside world” Credit: MURIC blog. Source: UGC Buhari, however, said he told Trump that the crisis between the herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria is not religious but cultural, even predating his government.

MURIC said Buhari’s revelation lifted the lids on how Nigeria is being sold to the world powers despite the statistics showing that Christians are not the only victims of killings in Nigeria. “That question was based on false and misleading reports which the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has been sending to the outside world. We expect Trump to know better because the killings are not being done by the Nigerian security agencies.

How then can the Nigerian president be accused of doing the killings? “Again, it is not Christians alone that are being killed. Muslims are also victims. This is the same false information that was spread about Boko Haram. People were told that the terrorists were killing Christians only and bombing churches. It was later learnt that Boko Haram is killing emirs, Imams, Islamic scholars and ordinary Muslims too. The violent group was also destroying mosques,” Akintola said.

MURIC also emphasized that the crisis is mainly between herders and farmers, “not between the government of Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerian Christians.”

Source: Legit Ng


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