News: Maurice Griffin’s Takes “Love Peace Happiness” on the Road and Lands at #11 on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay

News: Maurice Griffin’s Takes “Love Peace Happiness” on the Road and Lands at #11 on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay
“Love Peace Happiness” by Maurice Griffin

This has proven to be an incredible year for Maurice. He continues to recreate himself by exploring new ways to spread positivity through music. His lifelong dedication to uplifting the spirit of anyone who is listening to his songs has allowed him to transcend cultural borders and share his global message of love and peace..

Maurice was recently in London to participate in the International Gospel Music Summit as well as Sunday Fest. While there, he hosted a Singing Flash Mob at the Stratford Westfield Steps near the Station.

Premier Gospel Radio made “Love Peace Happiness” Song of the Week and will continue to help push the music across the country. They were excited to host him in the studio for an interview while he visited London.

Maurice Griffin's Takes “Love Peace Happiness” on the Road and Lands at #11 on Billboard's Gospel Airplay
News: Maurice Griffin’s Takes “Love Peace Happiness” on the Road and Lands at #11 on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay

Recently, Maurice attended the Dove Awards and while in Nashville, TN, he found out Pandora named him the face of “Today’s Gospel Hits Curated Playlist.” Maurice says, “wow and to think it took years for them to accept me when I was starting out 10 years ago; such a humbling process..

Maurice’s goal is to impact the world. He will use whatever medium is needed to affect as many lives as possible.

Maurice has an initiative beginning in Africa where he has set up a team to “Feed The Street.” He is not just talking but being active in making sure that those who need food will be able to get it. This event will take place in Lagos and Ogun State November 10th -12th, 2021.

Maurice Griffin is a 35-year-old gospel artist from Los Angeles, California. Having discovered his musical gift at the age of five and starting his career as a professional singer by the time he was nine, Griffin has made the most of his early start to hone his talent. He traveled with New Direction, an urban city choir from Chicago, for ten years. This experience provided him with opportunities to learn from the leadership of Jearl V. and Percy Gray.

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Not long after, Maurice Griffin made it as a finalist in the second season of BET’s Sunday Best, a reality gospel music singing competition. This televised validation of his musical abilities propelled Griffin into a major solo career. In 2018, he further established himself as an international gospel artist whose impact has reached Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Maurice Griffin is considered one of the most successful independent singers in the United States. His latest singles, including“Prove Me I’m Yours” and “Love Peace Happiness,” hit over 5 million streams collectively. “Love Peace Happiness” was incredibly well-received by the international community, further proving the universal appeal of its spiritual message.

In fact, Maurice Griffin’s song became the number one trending topic on Twitter in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana earlier this year. On Facebook alone, the music video for“Love Peace Happiness” has over 2.1 million views. Currently, the track is featured on ten editorial playlists in various digital service providers, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, and YouTube.

“Love Peace Happiness” incorporates classic gospel music elements into an upbeat anthem with contagious positive energy. Maurice Griffin explains that the song is “intended to be a musical vaccination of hope for humanity during the COVID-19 pandemic.” With its ability to uplift the spirits of its listeners, it’s no surprise that the song has crossed over international TV and radio airwaves.

Beyond his own music, Maurice Griffin is also the owner of World Changing Entertainment. His goal is to help create opportunities for creative minorities. Whether it’s through his songs or his company, Griffin actively promotes much-needed positivity to empower people to live their dreams to the fullest.

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