Music: The Carpenter From Nazareth – Charmaine Anderson

Charmaine Anderson is an artist living in Germantown, Maryland. She recently wrote a song called ‘The Carpenter from Nazareth’, which depicts the personal struggle with depression. Charmaine shares: “Depression has been a worldwide pandemic way before Covid-19 – but people were made to feel ashamed because of the stigmatization.”
She continues: “I know, firsthand, that Jesus Christ is the answer, and this song will be a blessing for others. He can take you out of the pit of despair if you cast your cares upon Him for, He cares for you (1st Peter 5:7).” The Carpenter Of Nazareth’ stays loyal to the message of the power of the Savior. Stay tuned!

Music: The Carpenter From Nazareth – Charmaine Anderson


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