Music: Praise And Give Him Glory – Sean Ware featuring Dariella

Sean Ware is a Gospel songwriter who lives outside of Chicago. He was born
on 21st of June 1977 in Illinois, USA. Sean dedicates his music to only writing
songs to glorify and honor Jesus Christ. As a Christian artist, he does not only
bring the message of the Gospel to the listeners, but he also combines
various music styles beautifully together with a melodic arrangement. His
songs have a unique sound, and the songs cannot be labelled under one
specific genre.
Sean has released great singles during last months, including ‘Let’s Celebrate
Pt. 2 (feat. Cameron S.)’, ‘Lift Him High (feat. Cameron S.)’, ‘It's All For You
(feat. Vanessa S.)’ and ’Jesus Is My Savior’. The latest releases have been
showing a variety of different musical styles and genres, such as Country/Pop,
Dance/EDM, Rap/Hiphop, and Rnb, just to mention few. 
These musical explorations have successfully opened a wider audience around the world.
Single 'Praise and Give Him Glory (feat. Dariella)' is from his 7th album 'Full
of Joy', which Sean released on May 7th, 2021. It is a high energy dance song
honoring and glorifying God. Sean shares: "As a believer in Christ, I believe
that we should be able to dance and celebrate God and not have to sing sad
songs all the time. 

The bible says that angels celebrate in heaven when someone repents and give their life to Christ, and I want to make songs that celebrate God with joy and excitement while we are down here as well." This song is perfect for the summer. Chill out and lift Him praise!
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