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Angelique Uwayezu
Angelique Uwayezu


Angelique Uwayezu
Angelique Uwayezu
Medical student on healing through gospel

Like many children who grew up in Christian families, Uwayezu was introduced to a children’s choir of a Seventh Day Adventist church when she was 6. Her parents hoped that she would serve God through doing so and perceived that as a good occupation for a child like her.

Currently a medical student at the University of Rwanda, Huye campus, Uwayezu revealed that the compliments she had been receiving since she was a little girl are among the big reasons that encouraged her to start pursuing gospel music as a solo artist.

She said that doing music in choirs couldn’t allow her to fully express the depth of her talent and messages because the choir had its own line and made it hard.

At some point, she would take solo videos in her room singing other people’s songs and post them on social media. Uwayezu loves serving God and declared that she has a lot of messages in her heart that God has given her to deliver to his people in the entire world.

“When I discovered my singing talent, I realised that it was also a gift from God that I’d use to serve him. Gospel music is more than just songs and instruments because it heals whoever listens to it,” she said.

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“It is a very great occupation. It helps me in my studies and protects me from going to useless and sinful things.”

Recently, she released a song called Nyigisha where she asks God to guide and teach her to count her days and be a good Christian so that no matter what, she’ll be able to get in heaven in a place of everlasting happiness.

Since she started music career, she has gained fans though she still faces a challenge of not having management and is still in school which takes a lot of her time.

However, she aspires to deliver the gospel not only in Rwanda but also internationally.

She can be found on INSTAGRAM: ange_betherne , TWITTER: @angebetherne, YOUTUBE: Ange Betherne

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