NEWS: Hope Gospel Assembly gives $800,000 in cash and kind to hospital

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Hope Gospel Assembly gives $800,000 in cash and kind to hospital

EIGHTY-THREE health-care workers at National Chest Hospital in Kingston last week expressed delight as they thanked Hope Gospel Assembly for bringing them gifts in kind as they continue to go above and beyond their call of duty to help the country in its fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“On behalf of the National Chest family, we feel appreciated based on the sacrifices made. The pandemic has hit us hard and to know that someone cares it really means a lot to us,” said Tasheika Hewitt Grey, a nurse at the hospital.

A similar view was shared by another nurse, Elaine Brown ,who said that she and her peers were immensely affected by the novel coronavirus.

“It is really an honour to see what they have done for the staff and we want to say many thanks in a million ways for recognising the frontline workers,” she said.

Through the Women’s Fellowship at Hope Gospel Assembly, the kind gesture, valued at approximately $800,000, saw the donation of 83 gift bags to nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, porters, and doctors.

Additionally, the donation included seven scholarships valued at $25,000 and three Samsung tablets for the frontline workers’ children attending primary and high schools.

According to the hospital’s Senior Medical Officer Terry Baker, the care packages were well-needed as the family of staff members have also been majorly effected by the family of staff members have also been majorly effected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“COVID-19 would not have only affect patients, but health-care workers and their families. Many of us have been here [at the hospital]. We have been away from families so not only have they sacrificed but their families too have sacrificed so it is heart-warming to see that the Hope Gospel Assembly giving back,” she said.


Senior pastor of Hope Gospel Assembly Rev Dr Peter Garth told the Observer more funds were donated than expected.

“It is a good feeling. We thought that initially it would be $500,000 in terms of cash and kind but we rolled over to probably just over $800,000 and we are excited to do it especially because of how church is viewed today,” he said.

“People feel like churches extract but churches must also give and we believe that Christianity is very practical. This is one of the things that we are doing and through the women’s fellowship, we are reaching out to those in need,” he added.

Popularly known for assisting those in need, Hope Gospel Assembly also has an annual back-to-school fair to provide books and other necessities for students.

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