NEWS: Gospel star Muzi Madlala back with another inspiring album

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Gospel star Muzi Madlala back with another inspiring album

Pretoria – Gospel singer, songwriter, and recording artist Muzi Madlala has released a new five-track EP titled Salvation Power, the second of his three-year music career.

Before that, the 45-year-old husband and father to two “amazing souls” released singles Ngiyisidalwa Elisha,Ayikho Injabhiso Kuye, and Yabethelw’ Imvana.

His debut release in March last year was titled Simdumise and featured 10 songs.

“Apart from the fact that my latest release is not a full album, it is different from the debut in many ways. In this EP I have featured my producer Mthetho Mbatha, the founder of Soulid Entertainment Media, in two songs, Ithemba Lami and Seated on the Throne.

“The first album was only in vernacular, while this one has mixture of isiZulu and English songs. Although this was not something I planned, I have noticed that in this album I have parts where I don’t sing but speak.

“I normally do this to draw listeners’ attention to the specific message I wanted to convey in the song. For instance, in the song Jerusalema there is a part where I give my opinion on what I believe will happen when we get to the place called Jerusalema.

“Here I seem to suggest that Jerusalema is a peaceful place where all our needs are taken care of.”

Madlala said although pushing Jerusalema to promote the album, Wena Uyinqaba Yami (You are my Fortress) has a special place in his heart. “This is a song I dedicate to all the people who contracted Covid-19 and survived and those like me who did not get the virus at all. In this song I repeatedly declare that God is our fortress, our hiding place, the place of safety.

“The very last line I sing before I let the backing vocalist finish the song, I emphasise that God is always with us and we are protected by him. This song I wrote in 2020 during the very first lockdown we had as a country. I had just buried my elder brother on April 18, 2020.

“I was grieving and I received this song in my spirit and it comforted me. Though I was scared of what was unfolding, people dying of Covid-19, it was as though God was saying ’put your trust in me for I am here to protect you’.

“In the narration in the song I stress the fact that the days of those born of a woman are short and full of misery. When one goes to sleep there is no certainty that you will wake up in the morning, but by God’s grace we wake up each day.”

Madlala is originally from Port Shepstone – to be exact, a village called Thuthuka. His home town is Margate. He has since settled in Pretoria, where he works.

“I am the third-born of five children. I would say we are all vocally talented at home. But I am not sure where we got this, because both our parents can’t sing.”

As a high school pupil he attended Adams College, formally known as Amanzimtoti College.

It was at that time that he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal saviour, in 1993.

“Since then God has been faithful to me. Together with a friend of mine, we started a school choir that sang during assembly at school,” he told the Pretoria News.

“Singing has always been a big part of my life. When I came to Johannesburg to study at Wits University, I heard people singing as I was passing by a community Hall in Orlando East. My curiosity and love for music propelled me to go in and check what was happening. It turned out to be The Johannesburg Adult Choir. I joined them on the spot.

“Coming from rural areas it was not easy adjusting to life in the City of Gold, however through the choir I found peace, comfort and a place to stay while pursuing my studies.

“In recent years I started dreaming melodies. Initially I ignored this, then in 2018 I decided to record the melodies as they unravel on my cellphone and with the help of the Holy Spirit, words would just come. As I write this profile, I have over 50 Word-of-God inspired songs that I have written.

He said he was happy to learn that music fell under the “ministry of help”. “What excites me most about this is that my heart goes out for the weak and needy people. In my spiritual journey I witnessed how God would use me to turn people’s lives that were otherwise down and out.

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“God also uses me in marriage counselling. I saw God restoring one marriage which was as good as gone. The husband had already secured his place to stay, leaving the wife and two little kids; divorce papers were ready to be signed.

“I have witnessed how God drove into my life a man who was in jail for 11 years, came out and found life very tough. Through God’s divine plan we met; he shared his story and I took that journey with him. Today, he is fully restored, he recently got married.”

Madlala said his voice was deep and that they were still working on those “high notes”. “Because of this I never thought that I could record and publish my music. It was until recently where I met Mbatha, who gave me courage to believe in myself and my unique vocal abilities.”

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