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Lungelo Nkwanyane
Lungelo Nkwanyane

By Zama Nteyi

Lungelo Nkwanyane
Lungelo Nkwanyane

Gospel artist Lungelo Nkwanyane has accused his fellow brother in Christ of asking him for sex

According to Lungelo, this happened at a Durban hotel over the weekend

In his post he did not reveal the identity of the culprit

He wrote: “I will now bring my sjambok when meeting my fellow gospel artits. This comes after one male artist attempted sexual advances at night while we were sleeping at the hotel during the Crown Awards. Yeer!”

He further wrote ,”I will not mention any names but the brother was trying to seduce me. I know he has a girlfriend and they have a three-month-old baby. Yeerrr..I was so disappointed.”

In another post he wrote: “It was at about 1am in the morning and he was seducing me. Eventually, I asked him what he wants and he said sex. I refused and I was so disappointed.”

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His friends and fans took turns asking him to reveal the person, but he would not budge.

Some of his colleagues went as far as sharing their similar experiences.

Muzi Vilikazi said: “I had a similar experience with one of the well-known gospel artist. We were in Cape Town and I had to be ruthless to him. I don’t hate him, but his gesture was not acceptable.”

TTee Kunene wrote: “I’ve been in so much nonsense in my career because I refused to shag dudes and they have blocked me. It’s no joke.”

Mcebo Mhlongo said people were hiding behind religion. “I can’t stop laughing. Most of them are hiding behind religion.”

Prince Fuze said: “He wanted to rape you.”

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