Gospel singer says Kanye West’s ‘choices’ should reflect faith he pushes on Sunday 

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Erica Campbell holds the award for Best Gospel Album for “Help” backstage during the awards pre-telecast at the 57th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 8, 2015. | (Reuters/Mike Blake)

Singer Erica Campbell of the gospel duo Mary Mary shared advice for Kanye West as he goes through divorce and media scrutiny due to his public outbursts.

Campbell told TMZ she is praying for the rapper and fashion mogul as his feud with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, intensifies in the public eye.

West, who has been hosting Sunday Services as church meetings since 2019, was recently suspended from Instagram after threatening Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. He’s also lashed out at those who criticize his frustrations with his former wife’s parenting methods. 

TMZ asked Campbell if she feels West’s “behavior during the week kind of goes against what he does on Sunday.” She replied, “I just think if you’re trying to be like God on Sunday, then you should be like him on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well.”

The singer has had her fair share of marital drama in the public eye. In 2017, Campbell and her husband opened up about a time when his “selfish behavior” led him to cheat on his wife.

Speaking to TMZ, the singer made it clear that no one is a perfect person.

“Does that mean perfection? Not at all,” she said of West. “But it means that your choices should be governed by what you believe. You know, if you believe in faith, and being kind, and being gracious — being understanding, being patient, then you’ve got to be that way all week long.”

Campbell emphasized that she would be praying for the “Jesus is King” artist because she understands how painful divorce can be.

“We all go through things,” she noted. “We don’t always get it right. So, prayers up for Kanye.”

“When you love somebody, it doesn’t go away because you get divorced,” Campbell maintained. “That’s why they are so mad at [each other] because they’re still in love.”

“My mother and father married each other three times because they couldn’t — they just loved each other,” she continued. “And so, sometimes it’s that way, you tried, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean the love goes away.”

Instagram suspended West from its platform for 24 hours as his feud with his ex-wife and Davidson worsened. The Yeezy creator reportedly used a racial slur to describe Trevor Noah after the “Daily Show” host slammed West for releasing a music video in which the rapper buried an animated replica of Davidson.

In the midst of the back and forth, West has also posted online videos of himself praying for God to move Kardashian’s heart to send their four children to his church services on Sundays. The couple has split custody of their children, but West claims he is not always granted rights to be with them.

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