NEWS: Gospel Singer Janet Otieno Praises Men for Going Hungry so Their Families Can Eat

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Gospel Singer Janet Otieno Praises Men for Going Hungry so Their Families Can Eat

Gospel singer Janet Otieno has celebrated men for their dedication and effort in working and providing for their families despite the challenges they go through.

The musician said she was amazed at how men sacrifice everything just to ensure their parents, wives and children live comfortably. While cheering men to keep working, the musician posted a picture of a man working in a construction place and said:

“Sometimes I wonder where you draw your strength from. You stay for months without buying clothes for yourself all because you want to put food on the table. You stay hungry just so your family can eat and survive. You get dressed and leave the house without direction, but you come back home with money after toiling day and night. Some of you have been embarrassed, disgraced and abused because you can’t afford to get a decent job and when you bring home peanuts, they throw it right back in your face.


She further acknowledged that men pay huge bride prices just to marry the women they love and end up taking care of their family, their siblings and even training some of them.

The Napokea Kwako musician then pronounced a blessing to all men who do everything they can for their families and encouraged them to continue ensuring their loved ones are doing okay.

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Here are some of the comments from her post:

Jose Blessing said: “Thank you Janet for recognizing us as men. I feel appreciated.”

Michael Muriithi commented: “Thanx JO for having the mentality to appreciate the male gender for our struggles to make ends meet.”

George Anyona said:”Thank you for celebrating us. Being a man is not always a walk in the park.”

Chris Kipchumba Rutto added: “I wish all women could learn to appreciate their spouses.

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