NEWS: Gospel acts to watch out in 2022


Gospel acts to watch out in 2022

Gospel acts to watch out in 2022

The Gospel music landscape has seen the rise of a plethora of amazing worship creators, some rose from the confines of their churches and now has begun embracing the spotlight and attention of ready listeners.

Some creators have begun to carve a niche for themselves by imploring trendy sounds into their musical art for the purpose of connecting both the street listeners and the worship lovers alongside.

Creators like Prinx Emmanuel, have been consistent about his music and are now taking over local spaces, even with his music, he is introducing through his lyrics confessions listeners can adapt and relate with. Prinx Emmanuel is no doubt one of the hottest right now from the garden city.

Well, has set apart a few creators in the gospel soundscape we could watch out for in the coming year.

Miracle Victor

The Port-Harcourt-based gospel recording company, EeZee Concept, that have orchestrated and saw the rise of a plethora of gospel superstars including Mercy Chinwo, Judikay, and others.

Miracle Victor got signed into the same label currently and is ready to take the scene by storm in 2022.

Miracle Victor has had a range of star-studded creations, even as he should be on the lookout next year.


Lately, Chidinma has switched path from the secular industry into the gospel industry and she’s still appealing and promising afterwards. She has eventually now become one of the acts we should look out for in the coming year.

Releasing a series of gospel records that accompanied her rebranded mode, also signed a record deal with Eezee Concept currently, and perhaps her debut album on this mode is what she would introduce next year.

Prinx Emmanuel

Prince Emmanuel has kept connecting people together in the southern region of Nigeria through his alternative gospel creations.

 He should be on the lookout in 2022, having recorded a successful career run this year with singles accompanied with his debut EP titled This Is Prinx EP, his successful concert alongside, Emmanuel is already prepared to expose us to more only we look at his direction this forthcoming year.

Folabi Nuel

Folabi Nuel has been having a successful career run through his music and ministry of bringing a plethora of cultures into the knowledge of God.

He released a series of Worship videos where he performed and ministered earlier as the year began, and over the years he has used his music to spread God’s light and the forthcoming year might be the big break, although, he has also won multiple awards for his excellent works from various spaces in the world.

Minister GUC

Minister GUC also signed to the Port-Harcourt-based gospel company, EeZee Concept in 2019.

He break out in 2020 with the record “All That Matter”, which has brought him to the limelight even as he has been having the best time in his life, recently, he is happily married and is ready to take the music landscape by storm in 2022.


Yadah has had a successful career run in 2021. She is a fashion designer and a worshipper we should look out for in the forthcoming year.

Yadah released a range of singles this year which is about closing, and she is ready to properly usher us into 2022.

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Peterson Okopi

From Benue State, and Peterson Okopi has been using the gifts of making music that God has given him to change many lives of people.

He released a plethora of songs this year, and some of which could light the very presence of God and bring the hearts of believers together.

Okopi has had a successful 2021, 2022, which might be the big break for his career as he has begun developing his musical passion since age 5.

Eva Praise

After the release of her debut single, Dominion in 2018, Eva Praise has since then begun creating a niche for herself from Port-Harcourt in the gospel music spaces.

She signed into North Hill Music where she released a series of records that have begun to penetrate into the minds of believers, bringing them together in worship as well as Eva looks forward to the brighter days in the coming year.


The multi-genre Aghogho has also had a successful run in 2021, where she released her most anticipated self-titled extended play to critical acclaim.

Aghogho, currently looks forward to creating ripple impact and extending the impact of her music into larger music spaces.

Mr Wealth

In 2021, Mr Wealth has released multiple records in which every listener could tap inspiration as well as the presence of God. Wealth eventually had a successful year in return and looks forward to breaking into larger music spaces in the forthcoming year. 

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