NEWS: Emmy Kosgei explains why gospel stars were exposed by scandals

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Emmy Kosgei explains why gospel stars were exposed by scandals

Gospel minister Emmy Kosgei has explained why and how a number of gospel artistes wound up making headlines over salacious and scandalous deeds.

Emmy who was in the country for the Impact awards talks to Mpasho about how the gospel industry is not dead rather is getting stronger.

“There is a lot of freshness in the Gospel industry. I sit on the board of Impact Awards it is an opportunity to inspire, encourage and introduce people who are doing great things for God.

I believe in pure talent and ministry and introducing people who are doing things silently but impacting the world is what Impact awards are all about,” she said.

Adding, “The gospel talent is not about being loud online or having many followers but there is loudness that is more powerful which is spiritual making an impact in the spiritual realm. It is about people making a positive impact in the gospel world.”

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Asked what her take is on gospel artistes who have been exposed for being in scandals, Emmy explained, “The Gospel industry is intact and there are men and women who are powerful.

There are great men and women doing good things. It is wrong to conclude that because of 2 or 3 people who are loud, that there is a blurry line.

It is clear that those who are not gospel, are not gospel and those focusing on gospel are doing so faithfully.”

Emmy noted, “If you enter with grey lines that is what you see, that narrative that gospel is dead is demonic. You cannot be a christian and have in fights and that is why the bible says that you shall be known by your fruits. We had reached the age of fruit-bearing and all was clear to see.

You cannot be a born again Christian and you are ranting over this person or the other. In this kingdom, God is the general. The person you should be nagging to is Jesus that is the first sign that that person is not Christian in the first place.”

A number of top gospel stars have defected to secular but still maintain that they have a personal relationship with Christ.

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