NEWS: CeCe Winans To New Gospel Artists: ‘Be Anchored In The Word Of God ’

CeCe Winans To New Gospel Artists: ‘Be Anchored In The Word Of God ’
CeCe Winans To New Gospel Artists: ‘Be Anchored In The Word Of God ’


CeCe Winans To New Gospel Artists: ‘Be Anchored In The Word Of God ’

CeCe Winans To New Gospel Artists: ‘Be Anchored In The Word Of God ’Christian singer CeCe Winans advised that the individuals who aspire to be Gospel artists should strive to be founded on the Word of God, and be rooted in the fellowship of a local church.

Speaking to The Christian Post, Winans emphasized that Christian artists must be rooted in God’s Word to be able to effectively minister through their songs.

“It’s not easy, as glamorous as it looks. It’s not easy to be an artist. It’s so important that you really have a relationship with Him, and not just out here singing a song. Because you’re going to face hard times … you want to be anchored in the Word of God. You want to be anchored in a home church,” she said.

“As artists, and as young people, we feel like, because we sing gospel music, we don’t need to home church. That is not true… you need to be in a place that you can get poured into because we’re always pouring out. Through that relationship, you understand who you are,” Winans also stated.

The singer expressed her gladness over the younger generation of Gospel artists, such as Tasha Cobbs and Jonathan McReynolds, who grasp the essence of such principle.

The artist shared that being a new grandmother, she realized the relevance of “everything in the world” and its impact to children.

“I am so honored to sing gospel music. I’m so, so blessed that I truly believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I’m excited about God being a God of generations; that He keeps being faithful. I know my grandson Wyatt will be just fine,” she added.

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Winans declared that faith was the “greatest thing” her parents have given her, which she also passed on to her children and wants to continue sharing to others.

The singer hopes to leave a legacy which conveys that “Gospel music is the best music anybody could ever sing.”

Winans won several awards at this year’s Dove Awards, including the Gospel Artist of the Year, Gospel Worship Album of the Year and Gospel Worship Recorded Song of the Year. Alongside Carrie Underwood, she also brought home the award for the Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year for their collaboration in “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.”

Recognized as one of the most successful Gospel artists of her generation, Winans was born to parents who are devoted congregants of the Pentecostal Holiness Church, forbidding secular music in their home. Thus, Winans grew up listening to classic Gospel music but occasionally hearing pop and R&B songs from her school friends.

Her family later formed a Gospel vocal group. But when her four other brothers separated to form a quartet, Winans and her brother, BeBe, were left to become popular duo performers. However, the latter eventually pursued individual careers.

The singer went on to release other songs and albums, as well as winning more awards. But in 2010, when she and her husband, Alvin Love, founded the Nashville Life Church, she laid low on music to focus on pastoral ministry. She only returned upon the urging of her son, and in 2017, she released the “Let Them Fall in Love” album. She then dropped “Something’s Happening! A Christmas Album” in 2018. This year, she also released “Believe For It,” which earned her an award.

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