NEWS: Holy Divas- 5 Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Who Slay Better than Secular Artistes


5 Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Who Slay Better than Secular Artistes

5 Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Who Slay Better than Secular Artistes

Before we proceed to the subject matter of this article, we would like you to understand that this article is not in any way judging the style qualities of these gospel artists, but is aimed at just giving relevant information to readers.

Gone were the days where six (6) yards of Akosombo Textiles or Printex was the uniform for most female gospel acts.

All they needed was a good seamstress who could utilize the fabric well and help one attain a Kaba and slit, a scarf, and an extra free yard or half for a waist wrap.

That was how we categorized gospel acts from secular ones initially. Interestingly, times have changed and a lot of changes have taken place within this sphere.

Gospel artistes now turn heads as much as secular musicians do with their outfits. They all have Pinterest accounts, yeah, they do.

But, some still hold on to the old norms. Gospel acts like Cecilia Marfo, keep priding themselves with the ‘divine uniform’ and do not seem to be changing from this tradition now or ever.

Today we bring you 5 Gospel acts who do it like R&B stars from their outfits, to their makeup and hair.

1. Empress Gifty

When you are a gospel artist and have a secular act like Beyonce as your alter ego, then we know what to expect; leotards or body hugging outfits. Empress Gifty once made a post likening herself to Queen Bey.

2. Diana Asamoah

Diana’s new look is entirely breathtaking except for it being quiet unusual for a spirited singer. The Pentecost Gya singer dropped her scarf for ‘Oh my Hair’. Her choice of costumes are very editorial, ones left for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Mama is out here seemingly serving us Riri’s 2017 Grammy look.

3. Obaapa Christy

If there is anything we love about her fashion sense then it has to do with originality. Since the inception of her career, she presented herself as a fashion icon aside the spirited songs she served us with.

What stands out the most about Obaapa is her attitude on stage, facial expressions and dance moves. She has always done it like a popstar.

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4. Lady Prempeh

Aside the beauty the gospel artist beholds, her style sense is one to turn heads to. She slays the divinity out of her looks. Lady Prempeh is in one word ‘Chic’.

5.Joyce Blessing

A very daring look for any gospel artiste to have is an androgynous style. You only need to be ‘Missy Elliot’ inclined to spell its very beauty and that is why we adore Joyce Blessing

6.Cece Twum

Take us to Bollywood and you will definitely find Cece Twum there with all of her jewelry and ornaments she scores her looks with. Mama Twum is that diva and nobody understands the jewels culture better than her.

7. Efe Grace

If Keri Hilson had a twin sister, Gospel artiste Efe Grace would have been the one.

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