NEWS: 3 gospel musicians reveal their highest GHAMRO payment

Source: By Fareeda Abdul Aziz

3 gospel musicians reveal their highest GHAMRO payment

Ghanaian gospel singers Ernest Opoku, Obaapa Christy, and Rose Adjei, have shocked audiences with revelations about the paltry payments they received from the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO).

During a discussion on United Showbiz, the three established that after all their hard work to produce good songs for the country, they are often paid chicken change by the royalty collection agency.

According to the musicians, they have never received up to GH₵1,000 from GHAMRO.

They are convinced that they are not paid what they truly deserve for all their years of doing music.

Obaapa Christy formerly Christiana Love established that she has not received money from GHAMRO in the last four years.

The last time I received money from them was four years ago. The amount I was given at that time was GH₵999. We are not given what we deserve so the whole thing looks as though our life is in our hands. There are people living in other countries who depend on their royalties for a better life but look at us, she stated in Twi.

Singer, Ernest Opoku also stated that it’s been a while since he heard from them but recalled he has once received GH₵800 which was his highest payment. He believes it’s too small to survive on.

Sometimes I receive something small from them. The money I last received from them was GH₵800.00. That’s my highest. There are times I get 400 cedi’s and so on from them. Maybe they expect us to take care of our families, build, pay bills, and so on from that meagre amount of money, Ernest Opoku remarked in Twi,

The ‘Oye’ hitmaker, Rose Adjei stated she usually receives not more than GH₵500.0 from GHAMRO.

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Sometimes I also get something small from them. The last time I received money from them was in the last two years. I was given GH₵450.0 I was told it’s the payment for those who have played my songs on air and sang my songs, Rose Adjei also chipped in on the Twi-based TV programme.

These musicians form part of several others who have bitterly complained about GHAMRO’s poor structures.

Other musicians have also for some time suggested that the Ghana Music Rights Organisation be scrapped and a new entity be created to effectively manage the royalties’ regime in Ghana’s creative arts industry.

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